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More Than Words

The Complete Book of Natural & Medicinal Cures: How to Choose the Most Potent Healing Agents for over 300 Conditions and Diseases

The Complete Book of Natural & Medicinal Cures: How to Choose the Most Potent Healing Agents for over 300 Conditions and Diseases

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  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1994-09-01
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What common fruit can help prevent cataracts? Which drug really works when it comes to battling migraines? Can vitamin supplements actually give you more energy? These questions and hundreds of others are answered in The Complete Book of Natural and Medicinal Cures. It's like having four books in one: Healing Foods, Herbal Remedies, Vitamins and Minerals and Medications. In each of these four "books" you will find practical, easy-to-digest information about healing agents that can turn your body into a nonstop health machine! You will discover why medical researchers are saying that onions can help fight cancer, licorice is good for a sore throat, vitamin C may help ward off cervical cancer and certain antacids are better than others for alleviating heartburn. You will also learn about the tiny apricot's huge ability to clobber cholesterol, how oregano can cure indigestion and how vitamin D can help heal fractures. Never before has so much useful health information been packed into a single volume. In every entry you will find specific advice on how to use a healing agent to its maximum healing advantage. You will also find crucial advice on avoiding drug side effects and interactions. For instance, did you know that certain medications for high blood pressure can become ineffective if taken with anti-inflammatory drugs? Or that fiber supplements taken wisely can help prevent constipation, but taken unwisely can actually make matters worse? As a special feature, boxes entitled "Natural Alternatives" divulge doctor-approved home remedies that can often work just as well - or better than - medications for battling such troubling ailments as diabetes, nausea, hemorrhoids, insomnia andpsoriasis. This is the best book ever published to keep you informed of what your body needs to retain perfect health. Once you become acquainted with The Complete Book of Natural and Medicinal Cures, you'll recognize that you have found a friend for life!

The More Than Words double bottom line: Every purchase provides hands on job training opportunities, and all revenue supports our nonprofit to empower youth to take charge of their lives.

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