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The Future of Capitalism: How Today's Economic Forces Shape Tomorrow's World

By Lester C. Thurow
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  • Author: Lester C. Thurow
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1997-04-01
  • Edition: 0
In a very short time capitalism has come into question. What is the nature of capital? Where is it best invested? Who are the leaders of the world's economy and the guarantors of its stability? Lester C. Thurow explains the dramatically changed economic world we live in today: the demise of communism has left capitalism with the tremendous job of reconstructing the former socialist bloc; the advent of technologically driven businesses has changed the formula from labor to brain power; shifting rivers of demographic change have created conflicts between young and old, native and immigrant; for the first time a global economy means that products can be made virtually anywhere and sold everywhere; and, perhaps most important, no single nation has emerged as the preeminent political and military leader to establish a framework for economic peace and equity.

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