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The Great Mental Models Volume 2: Physics, Chemistry and Biology

The Great Mental Models Volume 2: Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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  • Author: Shane RhiannonParrish
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Latticework Publishing Inc.
  • Published: 2019-12-01
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THE MUCH ANTICIPATED SECOND INSTALLMENT IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLING SERIES 'THE GREAT MENTAL MODELS'. Solve problems. Think with clarity. Achieve your goals. The secret to better decision-making is learning things that won't change. Mastering a small number of versatile concepts with broad applicability enables you to rapidly grasp new areas, identify patterns, and understand how the world works. Don't waste your time on knowledge with an expiry date - focus on the fundamentals. The Farnam Street latticework of mental models gives you the durable cognitive tools you need to avoid problems and make better decisions. A mental model is a representation of how something works. Constructing mental models helps you to navigate the world efficiently and intelligently. Time and time again, great thinkers such as Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett have found mental models indispensable in both solving problems and preventing them in the first place. Cultivating stronger mental models is one of the most powerful things you can do to become a better thinker.

The Great Mental Models: Volume 2 covers essential models from chemistry, biology, and physics.

The hard sciences offer a wealth of useful tools you can use to develop critically important skills like curiosity, relationship-building, and leadership. Formal expertise in science is not necessary, though if you have it you may see parts of your discipline in a new light. This second volume of the Great Mental Models series shows you how to make connections between concepts from the sciences and your own life. You'll not only get a better understanding of the forces that influence the world around you, but you'll learn how to direct those forces to create outsized advantages in the areas of your life that matter most to you. Volume 2 will teach you how to:

    Leverage reciprocity to create win-win relationships Motivate yourself and others through the lens of self-preservation Overcome friction to minimize the forces impeding your progress Make a real difference in the world by distinguishing between speed and velocity Calculate the activation energy necessary to do big and challenging things Thrive in a constantly changing environment by taking advantage of natural selection - and avoid extinction
And much more...

Mastering The Great Mental Models helps you thrive in an uncertain world. The right cognitive tools prepare you for any type of challenge. From parenting to healthy eating, relationships to personal productivity, and from learning to product design, this book will give you new lenses for understanding life. A wonderful resource you'll keep returning to year after year. As you incorporate the models in this book into your mental toolbox, you'll see the world with fresh eyes. START BUILDING YOUR LATTICEWORK TODAY!
Praise for The Great Mental Models series:

"I'm really glad this exists in the world and I can see that I will be recommending it often." -- Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, founder and CEO of Automattic

"If you've read Charlie Munger's Almanack this is the book you deeply crave in its wake. ... Learn the big ideas from the big disciplines and you'll be able to twist and turn problems in interesting ways at unprecedented speeds. ... You owe yourself this book." -- Simon Eskildsen

"This is what non-fiction books should aspire to be like. Informative, concise, universal, practical, visual, sharing stories and examples for context. Definitely, a must-read if you're into universal multi-disciplinary thinking." -- Carl Rannaberg

"I can truly say it is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure of getting lost in. I loved the book and the challenges to conventional wisdom and thinking it presents." -- Rod Berryman

"Want to learn? Read This! This should be a standard text for high school and university students." -- Code Cubitt

The More Than Words double bottom line: Every purchase provides hands on job training opportunities, and all revenue supports our nonprofit to empower youth to take charge of their lives.

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