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The Hidden Writer

By Alexandra Johnson
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Book Details
  • Author: Alexandra Johnson
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Anchor
  • Published: 1998-04-13
Presenting seven portraits of literary and creative lives, Alexandra Johnson illuminates the secret world of writers and their diaries, and shows how over generations these writers have used the diary to solve a common set of creative and life questions. In the childhood diary of Marjory Fleming we witness a young writer finding her voice, while Sonya Tolstoy's diary describes the conflict between love and vocation; in Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf's friendship the nettle of rivalry among writing equals is revealed; and in Alice James's diary, started at age forty, the feelings of competition within a creative family are explored. In Anais Nin, we see the popular explosion of the diary as confessional; and finally in May Sarton the pursuit of solitude becomes a national obsession. A time-lapse study of confidence, The Hidden Writer shows how each writer used the diary to negotiate the obstacle course of silence, ambition, envy, and fame.