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The Loss That Is Forever: The Lifelong Impact of the Early Death of a Mother or Father

By Maxine Harris
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Book Details
  • Author: Maxine Harris
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Plume
  • Published: 1996-09-01
  • Edition: Reprint
The death of a parent before a child reaches adulthood is a cataclysmic event that forever scars that child. No assumption, no expectations, no belief, can remain the same. Yet millions of children grow to adulthood on a foundation that is both marred and shaped by such an early loss. This book provides a thoughtful framework for understanding the impact that early loss has on every aspect of adult development. It illustrates how themes of loss and survival weave through the lives of those who have lost a parent in childhood. Who one becomes, how one parents, and what one believes about the world are all shaped by the experience of a parent's early death. For anyone who has survived the loss of one they love, this important guide shows how the human spirit can survive and even master the ultimate loss. -- Publisher description