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The Naked Philosopher

By Paul Margolis
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Book Details
  • Author: Paul Margolis
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Arden House Publishing
  • Published: 2015-09-25
Former LAPD detective Jack Pearl has seen better days. When he was forced to resign from the LAPD, falsely accused of stealing millions in drug money, he lost everything. Even his ex-partner Detective Franco would barely speak to him.Jack is making ends meet as a poker player when he receives a surprise call from his estranged father, famed Harvard philosopher Joseph Pearl. Reluctantly Jack agrees to meet. But when his old man fails to show, Jack's detective instincts kick into high gear - he knows something is wrong.Jack suspicions are confirmed when he discovers a tearful message on his father's voicemail that leads him to a wealthy but troubled grad student named Claire. Worlds away, Jack's father wakes up, handcuffed to a steam pipe in an abandoned factory. He soon realizes his captor, the dangerous and sadistic Salazar, was hired to kidnap him. With no idea what's going on, and little hope of rescue, the philosopher faces a real-life existential crisis.In desperation, Jack turns to his ex-partner Franco for help. Despite a lack of trust, Franco helps Jack uncover evidence of murder and kidnapping. Things take an even stranger turn for Jack when he discovers clues related to his dismissal from the LAPD - clues that might exonerate him. In captivity, Jack's father knows he is facing imminent death, shaking him to the foundation of his philosophical beliefs, but also filling him with regrets about his past relationship with his son. Summoning his intellectual skills, the philosopher manages to escape - but with nowhere to run he winds up hiding in a sewer tunnel - barely alive. Salazar searches frantically - his promised payday having vanished. Jack pulls himself together and once again learns to trust the instincts that made him a great cop. Exhausting every lead, Jack brings down Salazar and saves his father. In so doing, he uncovers the truth about who masterminded his dad's abduction - a shocker that is followed by an even more jolting twist: the truth behind the case that got Jack kicked off the force.

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