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The Tiger Woods Way: An Analysis of Tiger Woods' Power-Swing Technique

By John Andrisani
Book Details
  • Author: John Andrisani
  • Edition: 1st
John Andrisani, a regular contributor to GOLF Magazine, reveals the fundamentals of Tiger's technique in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Andrisani explains the key elements of Tiger's unique setup position, outlining his ball position, grip style, stance style, clubface aim, and shoulder alignment; tremendous backswing, with tips on how to maximize the turn and swing on a wide arc like Tiger; and powerful downswing, with suggestions on how to accelerate the club in the impact zone to achieve more power. Also included are simple drills to help you put these elements together, exercises for developing the muscles involved in the swing, and instruction on Tiger's iron-swing technique to give your approach shots more punch. Complete with full-color photographs of Tiger in action and detailed illustrations of his key techniques, along with commentaries by top professional golfers and instructors, John Andrisani's The Tiger Woods Way will enable golfers to transform their game by learning from the man who transformed the game.