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The Truth about the Truth (New Consciousness Reader)

By Walt Anderson
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  • Author: Walt Anderson
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Tarcherperigee
  • Published: 1995-08-30
  • Edition: Later Printing
"One can rarely read or hear commentary on art, popular culture, society, literature, or politics these days without being confronted by the mysterious term 'postmodern.' Unlike any other artistic, critical, or philosophical movement in history, postmodernism has come charging out of the ivory tower and into the minds and mouths of the public. The postmodern lens is now the one through which we all are expected to be able to view the world, but how many of us know what this really means? The tenets of postmodernism are much more than a trendy system of thought or an academic dialogue. Rather, they offer practical tools for coming to terms with a world composed of vast amounts of unsettling information, daily interactions with unfamiliar cultures and beliefs, and a continuous and overwhelming set of choices. [This book] is a stimulating and accessible exploration of the complexities of postmodern thought--constructivism, deconstruction, irony, pluralism, multiculturalism--as diverse as the world it describes. Readers will discover the roots of postmodernism, what it does to cultural symbols and differences, and how it affects psychology, religion, and science in essays both profoundly serious and thoroughly entertaining. [The editor] acts as a guide to this difficult terrain by leading readers through each essay, describing new and provocative ideas in detail, dispelling confusion, and, most important, showing what this thinking has to offer everyone. [This book] is an indispensable handbook for the new cultural literacy of our emerging postmodern world"--

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