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Weaving in the Women (1st Ed)

By Elizabeth G Whaley
Book Details
  • Author: Elizabeth G Whaley
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Heinemann
  • Published: 1993-10-18
  • Edition: 1st Edition
In a lively and conversational tone, Weaving In The Women argues that many works by and about women are available, accessible, and necessary to balance the high school English curriculum. From Aphra Behn and Frances Watkins Harper to Adrienne Rich and Sandra Cisneros, Weaving In The Women offers a diverse selection of women writers and introduces practical ideas on how to integrate them into the curriculum. The authors show how these works tie in with traditional ones and that students find them timely, interesting, and relevant. Readers will discover what the individual works by women are about, where to find them and how they connect with typical works taught in high school. The authors also discuss numerous ways of teaching works by women writers and alternative ways of assessing student learning. Multicultural and feminist, Weaving In The Women contains chapters on ninth- and tenth-grade English, American and English literature, novels, and a women's literature course. Other chapters discuss the importance of studying women writers, modifying pedagogy, and working with evaluation and assessment. In addition, each chapter ends with annotated lists of further reading for students and resource books for teachers.