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Women, Mentors, and Success

By Joan Jeruchim
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Book Details
  • Author: Joan Jeruchim
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1992-05-12
  • Edition: 1st
Women have made enormous strides in the past three decades, but equality in the workplace is still elusive when it comes to salaries, promotion into the higher echelons of management, and overall success. One reason is that women have been denied access to a fundamental business or professional relationship, that of mentor and protege, in which a young (usually male) professional is taken under the wing of an older one who serves as his role model, teaches him the right moves, helps formulate goals, and generally opens the doors to advancement. Mentoring works for women, too, and this provocative book is the first serious study of the unique and specific ways in which mentoring can shape a woman's career. Joan Jeruchim and Pat Shapiro interviewed more than a hundred successful women and the mentors, male and female, who helped them rise. The result is a fascinating series of portraits of the mentor-protege relationship, with all its perils and promise. Through the experiences of these highly successful women (77 percent of whom said mentoring was crucial to their achievement) you will learn why most women today are still mentored, how and why men's and women's mentoring styles differ, why women may need more than one mentor, what women want and need from their mentors, how mentoring benefits both protege and mentor, the many roles a mentor can adopt, and how to find a mentor of your own with a questionnaire that targets your needs right now. Perhaps the most important message to women is that you don't have to do it alone. Just as men have done, women can find mentors, or become mentors themselves. For any woman who knows she's capable of greater success in her career, yet feels thatsomething may be blocking her way Women, Mentors, and Success reveals a powerful alliance, one which offers an entirely new model of mentoring based on female development and new strategies for every woman who strives for professional achievement.