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Your Mother Looks Good...

By Phyllis Wright-HermanTimothy MikkelsenMikWright Ltd.
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  • Author: Phyllis Wright-HermanTimothy MikkelsenMikWright Ltd.
  • Edition: 1st
If you don't know MikWright by now, prepare to blush, tear up, or possibly call the authorities.

Now, before you go pointing fingers at our families and friends, take a look at your own geeky, off-kilter nest of acquaintances (and we know they exist).

Tim and Phyllis, along with Bob and a host of other half-wits, look at humor in a different light--usually black. Almost on a daily basis we ask ourselves, "Who buys this crap?" But then we remember, several thousands--obviously tainted by lead paint or the like.

So, put on your not-so-serious hat and enjoy this hilarious take on mothers. As MikWright says "If laughter is the best medicine, we'll take ours as a suppository."