A Guide to How Decluttering Books and Clothes in Boston Supports a Nonprofit

A Guide to How Decluttering Books and Clothes in Boston Supports a Nonprofit

Want to boost your productivity in a way that’s socially conscious? We’ve got a declutter checklist free and at your fingertips. Get some decluttering motivation with these free an fun tips to inspire you to clear your space.

Navigate the Decluttering Maze

Whether it's clearing space in your bookshelf or tackling that overstuffed closet, embarking on a decluttering journey can be overwhelming yet rewarding. Let's break down the process in this free decluttering checklist so you can lighten your load and give your belongings new purpose in supporting the youth of Boston.


Start Somewhere, Not Everywhere

First step, start small!

Who made the rule that you need to overhaul your entire wardrobe or book collection at once? No one! Pick one drawer or a single shelf to begin with. If you start with just one small area, a book, or a piece of clothing, it gets your brain activated.

You might find starting small while decluttering book and clothes lets you keep enough energy to give the time and attention you need to decide which books and clothing to say goodbye to – no need to be burnt out before you get a chance to really get started!

a drawer that has a bunch of small things in them

Having a tough time choosing a spot to start? A good place to begin, especially when decluttering books and clothes is in a spot where you keep stuff you use every day – maybe it’s your underwear drawer (yup you need those daily) or your beside table with a long stack of books on your TBR (to be read) list – It can be any place where you usually keep your most-used stuff. This will give you the decluttering motivation you need to improve your focus and make your daily routine easier. Then move to the next spot that you frequent, and so on and so forth.

You might find that as your daily tasks become easier to navigate and as the drawers and shelves that you declutter start to create a more holistic and open space for you, the motivation to continue will compound and your space can start to transform.

Declutter to Donation

As you sift through your belongings, it's time to make some tough decisions. Ask yourself guiding questions to figure out whether an item stays or goes. Consider factors such as usage, sentimental value, and future utility. Remember, the goal is to keep what adds value to your life and pass along the rest to those who may benefit from it. Of course, these are just guiding questions and there are no rules in place, so use these at your own discretion.

What to Ask Yourself When Decluttering Books and Clothes:

1. Have I read this book/Have I worn this item (especially in the past 6 months to 1 year)?

2. Will I read this book/Will I wear this item?

3. If I’ve read it, would I read this book again/Will I wear this clothing item again?

4. Did I love this book/Do I love this piece of clothing?

5. Did I learn from this book/Have I outgrown this item?

6. Am I still the same person who read/loved this book/Does this piece of clothing fit my style now?

7. Will I talk about this book later/Will I reach for this Item in the future?

8. If I get rid of this book or piece of clothing, can I easily get it back (money-wise, or because it means something to me)?

9. Can I borrow this book from the library if I want to read it again/Do I have some similar already in my wardrobe?

10. Would someone else enjoy this book more than I do, just byhaving it? Does someone else need this piece of clothing more than I do now?

11. Do I want this book/piece of clothing, or do I want the space it is taking up?

12. Is this item damaged or broken?

Once you have found the items that are not in your keep pile, you should be thoughtful about what is going to the donate or keep pile. Specifically, consider donating gently used books, including novels, textbooks, and children's books, as well as clean and wearable clothing for all ages and seasons as those have the most impact once they reach their intended recipients. If you wouldn’t be happy to buy or receive the item as a gift in its current condition, it isn’t a good candidate for a donation!

Donating Books and Clothes in Boston

Once your book and clothes are ready to donate, there are several options to do good with them, but outside of the normal nameless donation boxes or recycling centers in Massachusetts, consider a place where your decluttering can have the biggest impact – a nonprofit social enterprise and job-training program.

Here at More Than Words, gently used books and clothes are the fuel for an online and brick and mortar bookstore that acts as a job training program, empowering some of the most vulnerable populations in the Boston and Waltham area to take charge of their lives! With multiple locations across the city, donating books and clothing is convenient and impactful. Drop off your donations at one of our contactless drop-boxes, stores, or even schedule a book and clothing pickup and rest assured they'll find new homes while supporting our non-profit mission.

Share the Joy of Getting Space and Giving Back

Spread the word about your decluttering mission and encourage others to join in. Let your friends and family know where they can donate books and clothing near them. Together, we can amplify our impact and create positive change in our community.

It’s likely you have friends and neighbors that also need a nudge to get started – ways to get everyone involved is starting a community book and clothing drive – where everyone declutters together, and our truck comes to pick up at once!

Want to inspire others? Tag us on Instagram (@mtwyouth) or Facebook (@mtwyouth) and tell them what you can accomplish by passing along to a mission that uses books and clothes to change lives.

Want to learn more about the impact our work does? See the details of our mission and how your decluttering can help support us by learning more about our model and what happens to your donation once it comes to us.

Celebrate Your Decluttering Triumph

Take a moment to celebrate your decluttering victory! By donating books and clothing, you've not only cleared space in your home but also supported vulnerable individuals in Boston. Your contributions make a real difference in the lives of those served by More Than Words.

So, whether you're parting ways with paperbacks in the North End or bidding farewell to blazers in Brighton, remember that your donations matter. Let's declutter with purpose and pave the way for positive change in Boston! 📚👚

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