types of opportunities

  • Book Lovers

    Work alongside youth on their Business Job shifts in online operations or our bookstore and help move our business forward. Book Lovers "get their hands dirty," create and model professional relationships with youth, and help move our business goals foward!

  • Goal Support Coaches

    Join a Youth Development Shift on Tuesday or Thursday to help youth achieve their personal goals. Not quite a tutor and not quite a mentor, Goal Support Coaches provide general support as youth complete curriculum modules, work on their resumes and applications, do homework, prepare for HiSet tests, look for hoursing, and more.

Being a volunteer has made me a better listener and teacher. Being able to quickly understand where youth are at and how I can add value has been an important skill. It's great to know that the next hour will be focused on something that’s really going to help them succeed in the near term.

- Kevin, Volunteer Goal Support CoachCoach

frequently asked questions

What is the application process and how long does it take to start?

The application process begins by attending a virtual Information and Application session, afterwards the Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to participants with the official application. Because we are a youth-serving organization, the approval process includes a background check and completion of 2-3 reference checks. After approval, the Volunteer Coordinator will work with you to confirm a slot and schedule an orientation session before you officially join the team. As this is a robust process, the it will usually take 2-3 months from when you reach out to us to when you are ready to start.

What are the expectations?

We ask our volunteers to model consistency and professionalism for youth. We ask for a long-term (at least 6 months) and weekly committment. We understand that there will be occassional conflicts and just ask that volunteers communicate with us if they cannot attend. Just like all in our community, volunteers are expected to follow our visitor guidlines, listen to and respect youth leadership, avoid making judgements or generalizations, and be respectful of boundaries around our youth.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

As we are a youth serving organization, our individual volunteers are at least 18 years old. If you are younger and would like to get involved, please contact us about organizing a group event or running a bookdrive at your school or community!

I can only help for a month, or I can't make a weekly committment, can I still volunteer?

Consistency is extremely important for our youth, so we ask individual volunteers to commit to one weekly time slot (we of course understand that conflicts can come up). We also ask that you plan to stay with us for at least 6 months because it takes time to build relationships and expertise to contribute. If you can’t make the requested committment, you can still support us by hosting a book drive or organizing a group volunteer event.

Can I be a one-on-one mentor for a youth?

Not here. More Than Words is not a mentorship program and we do not pair volunteers up with youth for one-on-one relationships. That said, everyone at More Than Words serves as an adult role model for our youth. As a Book Lover, you will engage youth in conversation and empower them to teach you business skills. As a Goal Support Coach, you will encourage and assist youth to achieve important life skills and personal goals. 

What is the dress code?

Our dress code is casual but professional: pants (not shorts), work-appropirate dresses and skirts, no tank tops, no hats (but head coverings are OK). Jeans and t-shirts with youth appropriate content are also OK. We will also provide you with a special volunteer t-shirt that you can wear if you choose! Close toed shoes are also required for Book Lovers due to the nature of the work.