why hire from more than words?

Coming out of our intensive job training program, our graduates have demonstrated they can show up, give and receive feedback, and work as part of a team. They bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and they are keeping jobs, too: 89% of our graduates maintain the same job that they started six months ago.

what our youth bring to the table

  • Core Competencies

    Our youth have learned key soft skills like engagement, professionalism, problem solving, hitting goals, taking initiative, and more.

  • Leadership and Teamwork

    All have successfully worked in teams hitting group goals, learned from and given peer feedback, and taken on shift leadership roles.

  • Direct Experience

    Our social enterprises provide experience in retail, customer service, warehouse operations, inventory management, truck safety, and public speaking.

  • Diverse Perspectives

    All More Than Words youth have overcome complex barriers: they will add different perspectives and bold ideas to your teams.

how employer partnership works

  • Meet to Learn your Needs

    After you reach out, we'll meet with your team to learn about your business needs and ideal candidates.

  • Refer Strong Candidates

    We'll screen and refer only strong candidates. Our youth have varied skills and interests so there may be many or just a few.

  • You Run Your Hiring Process

    Our young people will participate in your hiring process as any candidate would; we're confident their skills will stand out!

  • We Provide Ongoing Support

    Our Career Services team will remain in touch with our graudate and you to support retention and career growth.

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