100 Days of Summer: Enough Beach Reads to Outlast Your Sunburn

100 Days of Summer: Enough Beach Reads to Outlast Your Sunburn

Our Top 10 picks from THE BIG LIST  of over 100 books that will keep your summer reading refreshed no matter the temperature.

We’ve been gearing up for summer and all the activities that come with it. Whether you are lounging at your local pool or jetting off to a faraway beach, one essential you need to nail is your summer beach read. Don’t stress about finding the perfect book, we’ve got you covered with a list of over 100 sizzling reads, from Romance to Memoirs. Need help getting started? Here are the our top picks from our big list and get ready to soak up a good story along with the sunshine.


The Hotel Nantucket

By Elin Hilderbrand

Lizbet Keaton, fresh from a breakup, becomes the general manager of the Hotel Nantucket, hoping to revive its reputation. The hotel hides drama behind its glamorous facade, haunted by a ghost and staffed by people with secrets. Lizbet navigates romance and hotel politics, aiming for success.


The Kiss Countdown

By Etta Easton

Event planner Amerie Price, jobless and newly single, pretends to date astronaut Vincent Rogers to impress her ex. In return, she gets a rent-free room and a chance to save her startup. As their fake relationship deepens, Amerie must choose between safety and passion.

Mysteries and Thrillers

First Lie Wins

By Ashley Elston

Evie Porter, a fake identity created by a mysterious boss, targets Ryan Sumner in her latest con. As she gets closer to Ryan, she starts dreaming of a real life. However, her past threatens to catch up, making her mission more dangerous.


Anna O

By Blake Matthew

Anna Ogilvy, dubbed “Sleeping Beauty,” killed two people and hasn't woken up since. Forensic psychologist Dr. Benedict Prince must uncover the truth behind her actions. As Anna stirs, both face danger from what they might discover.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Project Hail Mary

By Andy Weir

Ryland Grace wakes up alone on a spaceship with no memory and two dead crewmates. His mission: save humanity from extinction. As he pieces together his past, he must solve an impossible problem, seemingly on his own.
Or does he?


Stolen Heir

By Holly Black

Suren, the runaway queen, and Prince Oak embark on a perilous quest in the icy north. Lady Nore of the Court of Teeth is creating monsters to exact revenge. Suren must confront her past and guard her heart against the manipulative Oak.



The Idiot: A Novel

By Elif-Batman

In 1995, Selin, a freshman at Harvard, navigates email correspondence with Ivan, an older student, leading her to Europe. Her journey becomes one of self-discovery and first love. Batuman's novel captures the uncertainty of adulthood with tenderness and wit.

Come and Get It

By Kiley Reid

Millie Cousins, a senior resident assistant, is drawn into a complicated situation with a professor and three students. As she navigates dorm pranks and new friendships, her future plans are put at risk. Reid's novel explores desire, money, and bad behavior with sharp insight..


Perfect Other

By Kyleigh Leddy

Kyleigh Leddy recounts her sister Kait's struggle with schizophrenia and her eventual disappearance. This memoir explores mental illness, grief, and enduring love. Kyleigh seeks meaning and healing after her sister's presumed suicide


Call When You Land

By Nikki Vargas

Nikki Vargas leaves a stable life for a transformative journey across the globe. Her travels lead to personal revelations and the founding of Unearth Women, a female-focused travel publication. Vargas's memoir is a candid and inspiring story of self-discovery and empowerment.


Ready for more? See our list of over 100 beach reads for summer and get ready to have your best-read summer yet.

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