Quiet Luxury and more Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

Quiet Luxury and more Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

How to have champagne taste on a lemonade budget

Summer is nearly here, and the perfect time to update your wardrobe with styling that is going viral — all without breaking the bank or harming the planet. We're focusing on current, sustainable, and budget-friendly fashion by embracing the latest looks, all with used clothing. Ready to look fabulous while saving the earth (and your wallet)? Arm yourself with these inspired summer trends before you head out for your next trip to visit our used clothing boutique!


Micro Shorts

Like the name suggest, this means you better be ready to show off those legs! Back again and here to stay, micro-shorts are all about fun and freedom, perfect for hot summer days. Dress it down, pair with an essential tee and trucker hat, or go the silent money route and upgrade with tailor shorts that say understated style. Cant’ find the perfect micro jean shorts? You can give a pair of second hand denim the treatment and create your own daisy dukes with a few strategic snips.



Monochromatic Sets


  Far from the color blocking we say rise in 2016, this summer is out keeping it simple and understated and we will see a big rise in monochromatic outfits, particularly in the neutral whites and creams. This means you can go preppy, boho, or whatever strikes your fancy. With a trend based on layering a single color, you can easily find pre-owned pieces to complement your already outstanding wardrobe.


Quiet Luxury/Silent Money




Understated elegance is the name of the game with the quiet luxury trend. This is about looking good, and investing in seemingly timeless, high-quality pieces, away from the fast fashion trends. For summer, structure and material help move us from full 90’s pop nostalgia to 90’s business with neutral colors, classic oversized blazers, tailored high-rise trousers, and what seems like the perfect little accessory. Quiet Luxury is about quality, so shopping secondhand means you can make that investment without regret.



Little White Dress

A cousin to the classic wardrobe staple, 2024 is taking the trend to the next level, a step from the pastels of old and focusing on texture, style and pairing to make a look complete. A summer staple, they’re fresh, versatile, and perfect for any occasion  - dress it up or dress it down, just make sure to pack a tide pen hopping onto this trend!


Sheer Layers


Romance is not just for beach reads, but this summer, it’s making its way from cottage core to mainstream, this time in the form of sheer layers in any which way. Most prominently on the runway this year, sheer skirts took center stage, but why stop there? Shopping vintage and second hand pieces allows you the opportunity to snag pieces that creates that layered look for less money and less impact on the planet.  Look for sheer tops, skirts, and dresses that can be layered over each other, or solids.


Preppy Athletic

Who said you can’t be sporty and stylish? Golf-fans are about to have a field day, because back big this year is the polo and family. No need to be strictly prep though, mixing the well-known collared shirt means that you’ll see it paired with structured skirts, sequins, caps and board shorts. This trend allows you to make the most of your current wardrobe, so it’s an big win when you score that perfect polo secondhand.


So there you have it folks –these summer trends will keep your current while being kind to both the planet and your wallet. Remember, you can find all these fabulous looks pre-owned at our store, where sustainable fashion meets budget-friendly shopping, no matter the season. We’re curious to know – what summer 2024 trend is one you are ready to hop on first?

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