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The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read

The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read

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  • Author: Daniel R. Solin
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Tarcherperigee
  • Published: 2010-07-27
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The (tall) tale of Dr. Ivan Jenner -- Rethink retirement investing. Deflating inflation ; When conservative is risky ; Stocks for the timid -- Stocks made simple. Stock-picking perils ; Balancing risk and returns ; High fund expenses are your mortal enemy ; The investing secret your broker won't tell you ; Make a date with target-date funds ; Resist the allure of ETFs -- Bonds made simple. Bonds in a nutshell ; Blindsided by bonds ; Avoid treasury inflation-protected securities -- Cash made simple. You need cash insurance ; The Holy Grail : more reward, same risk ; Money market funds make money -- Annuities made simple. Immediately consider immediate annuities ; The annuity that keeps on giving ; Just say no to variable annuities ; The inequitable annuity -- Mining your money. Undermining your money ; The 4 percent rule ; Squeezing your nest egg hard ; Squeezing your nest egg harder ; Squeezing your nest egg hardest -- Simple steps to stretch your money. Basic withdrawal strategies ; Moving your retirement accounts ; Roth redux ; The reverse holdup : required distribution rules -- Social Security and pensions : critical choices. Winning the Social Security lottery ; Leaving your spouse a legacy of poverty ; Leaning on a thin (pension) reed ; Pension distribution elections are critical ; Hiring a pension consultant can pay big dividends -- Is sixty-five the new fifty? Retirement delayed is retirement enhanced ; Retaining your job and securing your retirement ; Don't count on age discrimination laws to protect your job ; Part-time work can be full-time trouble -- Financial lifelines for desperate times. The reverse mortgage wheel of fortune ; Reverse mortgages : too good to be true? ; Making usury look good : the real costs of reverse mortgages ; Low-cost lifelines ; Should you sell your life? ; Help when it seems hopeless -- Care costs. Care before Medicare ; The short skinny on long-term care ; Who needs long-term care insurance? ; When fat beats skinny : choosing the right long-term care insurance ; Keeping your long-term care policy in force ; Where's the check? : making claims and getting paid -- The state of your estate. Find the will to leave a will ; Avoiding probate purgatory ; The magic power of an inherited IRA ; Irrevocable trusts require trust ; I love you, but let's sign on the dotted line : prenups for seniors -- Wolves in sheep's clothing. Mail-order experts ; Expensive free meals ; Whom can you trust? -- Where's the beef? Ten golden rules ; The proof is in the pudding! -- Appendix A. Asset allocation -- Appendix B. Risk and return summaries.

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