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"She believed she could, so she did." - R.S. Grey
"She believed she could, so she did." - R.S. Grey

Dragon Slayers' Academy 1: The New Kid at School

By K. H. McMullan
Book Details
  • Author: K. H. McMullan
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1997-11-10
Goofy teachers...strange roommates...rotten school food...castles and dragons! Young readers will find it all -- along with lots of 12th-century surprises -- in this hilarious new first-chapter series guaranteed to take the 20th and 21st centuries by storm!

When a minstrel foretells that Wiglaf is to become a hero, he signs up at the Dragon Slayers' Academy. But how will he ever pass Dragon Slaying 101 -- or face the dreaded Gorzil -- when he gets sick at the thought of blood?

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