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"She believed she could, so she did." - R.S. Grey
"She believed she could, so she did." - R.S. Grey

For the Common Defense: A Military History of the United States of America

By Peter Allan R.Maslowski
Book Details
  • Author: Peter Allan R.Maslowski
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1994-09-07
  • Edition: Revised, Expanded
1. A Dangerous New World, 1607-1689. 2. The Colonial Wars, 1689-1763. 3. The American Revolution, 1763-1783. 4. Preserving the New Republic's Independence, 1783-1815. 5. The Armed Forces and National Expansion, 1815-1860. 6. The Civil War, 1861-1862. 7. The Civil War, 1863-1865. 8. From Postwar Demobilization Toward Great Power Status, 1865-1898. 9. The Birth of an American Empire, 1898-1902. 10. Building the Military Forces of a World Power, 1899-1917. 11. The United States Fights in the "War to End All Wars", 1917-1918. 12. Military Policy Between the Two World Wars, 1919-1939. 13. The United States and World War II. From the Edge of Defeat to the Edge of Victory, 1939-1943. 14. The United States of World War II: The Road to Victory, 1943-1945. 15. Cold War and Hot War: The United States Enters the Ages of Nuclear Deterrence and Collective Security, 1945-1953. 16. Waging Cold War: American Defense Policy for Extended Deterrence and Containment, 1953-1965. 17. In Dubious Battle: The War for Vietnam and the Erosion of American Mmilitary Power, 1961-1975. 18. The Common Defense and the End of the Cold War, 1976-1993. Appendixes: A. Participation and Losses, Major Wars, 1775-1991. B. The Armed Forces and National Expansion. C. The Armed Forces of the Cold War.

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