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Teddy's World

By Mirja de JoostVries
Book Details
  • Author: Mirja de JoostVries
  • Edition: First Edition
All great childrens literature, from Alices Adventures to Where the Wild Things Are, features wonderful characters who lead the reader on imaginative journeys of transformation. Teddys World presents a poignant journey into the inner life of the dearest and most powerful icon of childhood. A beautifully designed book for all ages, Teddys World features 200 full-color photomontages of the teddy bears world that are sometimes surreal, sometimes super-real, and always witty and original. The playful text which follows Teddys rough-and-tumble times through the ups and downs of love and loss, joy and trauma invites readers to explore their own emotional attachment to Teddy. This sumptuous visual tour is a fitting tribute to the teddy bear, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2002.