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The Collectors

By David Baldacci
Book Details
  • Author: David Baldacci
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Published: 2006-10-18
  • Edition: 1
The assassination of the U.S. Speaker of the House has shaken the nation. And the Camel Club has found a chilling connection with another death; the body of the director of the Library of Congress's rare books room has been found in a locked vault. The Camel Club's unofficial leader, a man who calls himself Oliver Stone, discovers that someone is selling America to its enemies one classified secret at a time. Then Annabelle Conroy, the greatest con artist of her generation, struts her way into the club and gives it a sexy new edge-one it needs. Because the two murders are hurtling the Camel Club into a world of espionage that can bring America to its knees.