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The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection

By Wendy Northcutt
Book Details
  • Author: Wendy Northcutt
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 2001-12-01
  • Edition: First Edition
In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, The Darwin Awards II: Unnatural Selection brings together a fresh collection of magnificent misadventures, honoring those who continue to improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in a sublimely idiotic fashion. Salute the owner of an equipment training school who demonstrates the dangers of driving a forklift by failing to survive the filming of his own safety video. Heed the story of the honest bricklayer who loses a battle of wits with 300 pounds of tools. Witness the man who becomes a victim of his own "strange and unusual passion for jumping into rivers." And watch Darwin Award winners self-lessly join the ongoing fight against the seven deadly sins as lust, vanity, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, and wrath all exact their evolutionary toll on the overindulgent. Featuring science and safety discussions designed to aid those vigilant enough to avoid the scythe of natural selection, and including the most inspiring dozen Darwin Awards from the last century, this new compendium of serious humor and cautionary tales-verified by the author and endorsed by website readers-shows us anew how uncommon common sense can be.

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