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The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders at Every Level

By Eli B. Noel M.Cohen
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  • Author: Eli B. Noel M.Cohen
  • Edition: 1st
Why do some companies consistently win in the marketplace while others struggle from crisis to crisis? The answer, says Noel Tichy, is that winning companies possess a "Leadership Engine" - a proven system for creating dynamic leaders at every level. Technologies, products and economies constantly change. To get ahead and stay ahead, companies need agile, flexible, innovative leaders who can anticipate change and turn on a dime to respond to new realities. Fortunately, says Tichy, just as everyone has untapped athletic potential, everyone has untapped leadership potential that can be developed. Winning leaders and winning organizations have figured out how to do it. Winning companies are successful because they can adapt and capitalize on their unique circumstances - so no two are alike. Yet, their Leadership Engines make them champions by developing - at all levels - leaders who have clear, teachable points of view that they use to foster the abilities of others in four critical areas: developing good business ideas, instilling values that support the successful implementation of those ideas, generating positive energy in themselves and others, and making tough decisions. In this single volume, Noel Tichy not only offers a major contribution to the understanding of how successful leadership works, but provides concrete, proven methods for leaders developing leaders in any company or organization. As an added bonus the "Handbook for Leaders Developing Leaders", located at the end of the book, provides hands-on development activities that you can use to improve your own leadership abilities and develop other leaders in your organization.

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