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To & From Gift Co.: Floriography Seed Packets

To & From Gift Co.: Floriography Seed Packets

To & From Gift Co.

To & From is a woman-owned company that is eco-friendly and uses organic materials.

Lupins: A Maritime and west coast favourite that thrives along coastal regions in vibrant blossom shades of blue, pink, purple and white. The lupin is a resilient and hardy flower that’s well-suited to withstand challenging weather conditions, making them a symbol of strength and perseverance. May their presence help you discover your inner resilience and determination to overcome anything.

East Coast Wildflowers: East Coast wildflowers have the unique ability to thrive in diverse environments. Despite enduring harsh weather from our Canadian winters, their ability to bloom year-after-year symbolizes the power of endurance and the triumph of life’s challenges. May their colourful blossoms bring you a sense of joy and optimism.

Honey Bee Wildflowers: Growing naturally and without restraint, wildflowers defy conventional rules and expectations - much like how creativity thrives when given the freedom to explore and express without limitations. Known for their collaborative creation, bees will be attracted to the nectar rich flowers in this selection. May their blossoms bring you endless inspiration for all your creative pursuits.

Edible Flowers: Just as a charming person’s presence can captivate others, the vibrant colors and delicate grace of edible flowers can captivate the senses. Adding an element of sophistication to any experience, these can be used as the perfect garnish to brighten any dish or cocktail. May this blend of lavender, marigold and pansy flowers elevate and transform your everyday moments into something truly special and memorable. Contains a cocktail recipe trading card inside!

Lavender: Lavender’s distinctive and soothing fragrance has long been used in aromatherapy, as its therapeutic properties promote relaxation and well-being. Their beauty can be enjoyed year-round, as lavender flowers make the perfect addition to a dried flower arrangement. May these beautiful purple blooms bring you an inner sense of calm amidst the chaos.

Dahlia: The stunning and diverse blooms of the Dahlia flower symbolize the positive energy and goodwill that comes with acts of kindness. Similar to the way that kindness can show up in many forms, Dahlias bloom in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. May these long-lasting blooms help kindness always find its way to you.

Strawflowers: Known for their perpetual beauty and endurance, strawflowers maintain their colour and form even after they are cut or dried. Seemingly frozen in time, these flowers appear to be everlasting - representing a beauty that is beyond limits. May these unique, paper-like blooms bring you the ability to see boundless possibilities and find limitless potential.

Painted Daisies: These bright and cheerful blooms symbolize a fresh start, encouraging us to embrace change and welcome the possibilities that the future holds. Revealing multicoloured petals in shades of red, pink and white, the painted daisy is associated with spring, a season synonymous with renewal and growth. May their colourful blooms remind you to let go of the past and embark on a beautiful new chapter.

Strawberries: Often found growing in wooded areas or meadows, the heart-shaped leaves and red, sweet berries of the woodland strawberry are a delightful treat to those fortunate enough to stumble upon them. May these tiny treasures bring you a reminder to be open to the unexpected delights that can come our way.

Cosmos: Cosmos flowers exhibit a unique duality, showcasing both delicate and strong qualities through their slender stems and abundant blooms. The flowers’ ability to withstand varying weather conditions with grace symbolizes the importance of finding equilibrium during periods of change. May their beautiful blossoms help you find balance by accepting and embracing the different phases and transitions we experience.

California Orange Poppy: California poppies are well-suited for challenging conditions, adapting to their environment in order to flourish. Their ability to overcome obstacles symbolizes our own potential for succeeding through resilience and determination. May their bright and beautiful blooms inspire you to embrace your own strengths and achieve what success means to you.

Sunflowers: Known for their ability to turn and face the sun, these vibrant yellow blooms represent warmth and loyalty. They stand tall and strong, showcasing the unwavering support and encouragement that our friends offer us during both sunny and challenging times. Like a true friend, may these beautiful flowers brighten your life and symbolize the bond that unites us.

Purple Coneflowers: Purple coneflowers have a long-held history in medicinal use and are often celebrated for their healing properties. Their robust and resilient nature reflects the ability to overcome adversity and bounce back from challenges. May their stunning violet blooms inspire hope and help you find strength during your transformative journey of healing.

Sweet Pea: Just as sweet peas climb and entwine nearby fences or walls, they symbolize the connections and relationships we cherish. Sweet peas are a classic way to convey heartfelt thanks and acknowledge acts of kindness. May these delicate and fragrant blossoms extend gratitude to those who make your life a little bit sweeter.

Forget-me-not: These small, dainty flowers are associated with everlasting love and symbolize the deep and enduring bond shared between two people. May these delicate flowers bring you a reminder of the beloved connection you have with your loved one(s).

East Coast Foxglove: Also known as the Beardtongue Foxglove, this flower grows tall stems of white and light pink bell-shaped blossoms. Its nectar-rich flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators - much like how good intentions attract positive energy and opportunities into our lives. May they inspire you to direct your focus and energy toward a clear goal and manifest it into reality.

Wild Pink Marsh Rose: Also known as the “Swamp Rose”, the Wild Pink Marsh Rose is typically found in wetlands, such as swamps and marshes. Their presence in these areas is often a form of protection for the ecosystem around it, and much like us, they’ve adapted to become resilient amidst challenging conditions. May their beautiful pink blooms encourage you to defend against any challenges that come your way.

Rosemary: In addition to its versatility in cocktails and comfort food, rosemary has a strong historical association with remembrance and memory. Its aromatic scent is believed to stimulate memory and honour the past. May the comforting scent of this rosemary remind you of fond memories from the past and inspire excitement for those still to be made.

Mint: A versatile herb, peppermint can add a refreshing and aromatic twist to various cocktails, teas and salads. Whether for consuming or simply for decoration, the strong, refreshing scent of mint leaves can invigorate the senses, helping to improve focus and mental clarity. May their vibrant green leaves provide you with a renewed sense of clarity and a refreshed state of mind for whatever comes next.

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